Quelle robe choisir selon sa morphologie ?

Which dress to choose according to your body shape?

Ah, the wedding dress. This is THE most important element as you approach the happiest day of your life. It is also a source of stress, intense for some who are lost in the choice of shape, material, veil or even color. Which wedding dress should you choose? Which one will highlight your figure the most, whether it is an hourglass figure, whether you have square shoulders or whether you are rather round?

Mia Couture tells you everything you need to know to choose the perfect wedding dress for your body shape.

You have an X-shaped body shape

That is to say, shoulders and hips aligned, waist defined.
We will therefore seek to accentuate the waist and give a little more volume at the bottom, while maintaining a certain harmony in terms of the silhouette.

What you need ? The Vicky sheath dress, slightly marked at the waist, or the Famous mermaid dress.

You have a figure 8 body shape

Like the number 8, your hips are slightly more developed than your shoulders and you have a marked waist.

What you need ? Models that highlight your neckline (the upper part of your body) and highlight the waist, like the Pepurle or Raissa wedding dresses with their magnificent strapless sweetheart neckline.

You have a V-shaped body shape

Your shoulders are wider than your hips, like a V. You must therefore rebalance the silhouette by adding more volume to the lower body.

What you need ? A mermaid dress or a princess dress that adds fullness to the buttocks. The Lila dress or the Amanda dress are great choices for you!

You have an O-shaped body shape

Is your figure full and your waist not very marked? You can choose to slim your stomach and elongate your silhouette so that it appears more slender. By adding texture to the stomach area, small curves can be hidden.

What you need ? The Iconic and Leana wedding dresses. In short, an open neckline and a princess cut or a voluminous train.

You have an H-shaped body shape

Your shoulders and hips are aligned, your waist is not very pronounced. The ideal is to cinch your waist and add volume at the top and bottom.

What you need ? Definitely a princess dress like Silky or a sheath dress like Zaera for a sensually delicate silhouette.

You have an A-shaped body shape

Your hips, unlike the V-shaped silhouette, are more developed than the shoulders. It is then necessary to add a little more volume to the shoulders, for example with puffed sleeves.

What you need ? The Luna dress is a superb choice, with its voluminous, dropped sleeves that meet in a V-neck. The Safia wedding dress also highlights your upper body with ivy-style embellished sleeves.

And there you have it, you have all the elements at your disposal to choose the right wedding dress according to your figure.

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