The Mia Couture house

The years go by and here we are at our 6th year...

It must be admitted, the journey has not been easy but thanks to you, the experience is unique. Over time, we were able to create a perfect symbiosis, and Mia Couture without you is not. The Mia Couture house is indeed yours.

Creativity, tailor-made and magic, the Mia Couture house really has everything to make your dream a reality.

The house and its five funny ladies, founder and assistants, accompany you throughout the creation of your dress. We make your moments the start of a new life.

Impossible for us is not… Our store allows you to create and/or modify already existing models. We can do everything with love and trust.

To prepare for your wedding in complete peace of mind, nothing better than a diversity of products in the same environment: bathrobe, tiara, veil, earring... are available to further enhance your outfit.